Department of Materials and Life Sciences

The objective of this department is to research “materials and life” in the natural world, recycle natural resources, and create new materials and functions. Here we make a comprehensive and integrated study of traditional fields such as physics, chemistry, biology, environment, and materials engineering, while learning the basics of materials, from atomic/macromolecular materials to biological phenomena. Such studies will be useful in advancing industry and protecting the environment.

Cultivating competent people

The program seeks to cultivate people who can contribute to other people and to society by acquiring a value-filled view of materials and life that is in harmony with nature, gaining an understanding of the basics of materials, and creating new materials and developing new technology. The program also seeks to develop globally active scientists to pioneer a long-lasting harmony between the global environment and science and technology.

Educational objectives and the curriculum

With a focus on the specialties of physics, chemistry, biology, environmental sciences, and other disciplines, students acquire crossdisciplinary knowledge that integrates them all without leaning too heavily towards any one specialty division.
After completing the requirements of the first year, second-year students study more advanced topics and materials/life science and engineering, and conduct experiments and exercises in a rich variety of fields such as chemistry, biology, physics, environment, and materials. In years three and four, students study courses from three themes: Materials and Nanotechnology, Environmental and Life Harmony, Creating Sophisticated Materials. Additionally, classes are chosen from three fields of study: chemistry and applied chemistry, environment and life sciences and materials and molecular sciences, so that each student can focus on the fields of their choice. With such knowledge and experiments as a foundation, fourth-year students engage in graduation research that summarizes their learning.

Faculty List

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