A Guide for High School Students 2020-2021

Message from the Dean of the Faculty of Science and TechnologyAbout Our Facultye globalization of society has advanced far more quickly than expected and come to have an unprecedented impact on a multitude of aspects, including society, economy, science, and people’s lives. At Sophia University, we think about globalization for the university and students, and based on the university’s spirit “Men and Women for Others, with Others,” we have put globalization into practice with a view to improving people’s lives and society, and education to that end.In the Faculty of Science and Technology, in accordance with Sophia’s philosophy “Sophia – Bringing the World Together,” we dene globalization as nurturing students who can communicate wisdom acquired at the university to the world using their own words, disseminate it through their own actions, and develop it further. For the most part, a student’s own words may be a discovery in science or a deep insight into the environment or society. We are an organization that helps all our students achieve globalization as dened above. Moreover, we are working on this initiative based on the belief that not only is our faculty’s global education oered during college life, it aects our students’ entire lives as well.To implement this step by step, the Faculty of Science and Technology has made numerous attempts and been introducing changes ceaselessly. In 2008, we reorganized the faculty from ve departments and one laboratory into the current three departments, namely, Department of Materials and Life Sciences, Department of Engineering and Applied Sciences, and Department of Information and Communication Sciences. is has enabled students to learn the basics of scientic technology extensively, master expertise, and acquire sensibility and knowledge, i.e., interdisciplinary knowledge, for working with not only experts but also dierent countries and people. We were also quick to embark on globalization as an organization and established the Green Science program and the Green Engineering program in the autumn semester of 2012, in which classes are conducted in English targeting international students. In the autumn semester of 2013, the Green Science and Engineering Division was introduced, targeting graduate students, where all education including classes and thesis guidance is provided in English. On top of these, on the research front, we put three new research footholds in place in 2020, thereby launching creative and interdisciplinary studies unique to our university. We will continue taking up the challenge of conducting not only studies in a single laboratory in a single department but also studies where students and researchers from diverse disciplines in and outside the university and both in Japan and abroad come together to work on cutting-edge research. As mentioned above, the Faculty of Science and Technology at Sophia University promotes changes with the times and students, explores individual students’ potential, and nurtures it. We urge you to optimize your talents and put them to use for the interest of humankind in a global society.Masahiro RikukawaDean of Faculty of Science and Technology/Graduate School of Science and Technology,Professor of Department of Materials and Life Sciences06

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