A Guide for High School Students 2020-2021

Special InterviewReason for applicationAs the motive for enrolling in the Department of Engineering and Applied Sciences at Sophia University, I can cite the fact that I had been moved by general scientific phenomena and technologies at pivotal points in my life, including machines, automobiles, trains, and space, even before I learned to walk or talk. Although I was not aware at that time, looking back on the past, I was, with sparkling eyes, able to witness cutting-edge technology and the fruit of my predecessors’ hard work since I was a small child. When I was at a turning point where I had to decide which path to take in high school, I did not hesitate to choose math and science even though I had neither a big dream nor an ambition. Despite my vague decision to pursue a science course, I lacked vision or passion for any type of job. When I was preparing for university entrance exams, I tried to broaden my choices for the future as much as I could and also to pursue the field of mechanical engineering that I had longed for since childhood. As a result, I ended up studying at this university.Learning at the Faculty of Science and TechnologyAlthough this is purely my personal opinion, learning at the Faculty of Science and Technology involves prioritizing knowledge acquired from studies up to high school and skills utilized in society at your own discretion and freely lling the gap between the two to broaden the scope of interest further. More specically, at the university, unlike compulsory or high school education, in order to acquire the capacity to think, decide, and execute tasks on your own as a member of the society, you yourself have to control almost everything by will or choice. In a word, it is freedom. Under these circumstances, I suggest that you foresee or ask yourself what you or the shape of society will be like in the future albeit roughly, and determine what you want to do to identify knowledge you need most. ere is no need to rush, however. It is all right to take a side trip from time to time. I believe that taking time to build a path toward the future systematically is what you learn as you spend a long yet short college life at the Faculty of Science and Technology. In the laboratoryAfter being assigned to a laboratory, I spend every day being overwhelmed by the fact that there are many fields that I still do not know. Furthermore, totally unlike before, it is only natural that what I am learning has no goal and I myself have to set a start line, a method, or even a direction of study logically from scratch. As a novice researcher, my hands are full trying to learn the basics and I spent quite a few days agonizing about it. Nevertheless, for the very first time in my life, I keenly feel the responsibility that comes with freedom and enjoy the challenges and the bottomless potential of my field of study, relishing novel college life that I have never experienced before, as if I have stepped into a completely new world. Future visionAfter pondering my future time and time again, I have reached the conclusion that a person who is able to carry out tasks he/she is averse to is a full-fledged member of society and accepted by everybody. Although it is not clear what is best for me yet, I will focus on analyzing myself and pursuing ideas, and constantly explore my potential in the future while I am a student.Reaching out to a new world by finding out what freedom isC.U.Fourth-year student, Department of Engineering and Applied Sciences(Photo taken in FY2019)04

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