A Guide for High School Students 2020-2021

Faculty of Science and TechnologyFaculty Research Themes / Graduate ProgramResearch and CareerApplied ChemistryPhysicsMathematicsMechanical EngineeringChemistryBiological ScienceGreen Science and Engineering(English program for graduate students)Information ScienceElectrical and Electronics EngineeringDepartment of Engineering and Applied SciencesDepartment of Materials and Life SciencesDepartment of Information and Communication SciencesGraduate School of Science and Technology■ Master's ProgramSystem for undergraduate students to take courses offered by the Graduate School System to exempt undergraduate students from written examinations for entry to the Graduate School of Science and Technology■ Doctoral ProgramWhile ensuring consistency with undergraduate education, the Master’s Program aims to nurture intellectual persons having crossdisciplinary knowledge and a eld of expertise that would enable them to contribute to the betterment of society.e Doctoral Program aims to train researchers so that they can conduct research in their respective eld of expertise independently.e Graduate School of Science and Technology has adopted one interdisciplinary graduate program to facilitate research.Under this program, there are several elds to each department, and those elds enhance continuity and consistency of learning with the undergraduate school and provide a wide range of research elds to graduate students.In September 2013, the Graduate School established the Green Science and Engineering Division in which students can receive all education, including lectures and guidance in thesis writing, in English. Its aim is to become a graduate school of science and technology whose highly specialized research can contribute to progress in various elds of modern science and technology, and whose interdisciplinary studies can enable students to grasp the eects of human activities on the society and the global environment in a comprehensive manner.Fourth-year undergraduate students who show excellent academic performance are allowed to take subjects designated by the Graduate School of Science and Technology in advance, and after they enter Sophia University Graduate School of Science and Technology, the credits thus earned are certied as pre-admission ones within a prescribed range (ese units are not included in the units required for graduation from the undergraduate course). is system is designed to enable undergraduate students to take Graduate School courses prior to graduation and use the results of study for their own research.A system is in place to exempt undergraduate students of the Faculty of Science and Technology from written examinations when entering the Graduate School of Science and Technology. Students who show excellent academic performance, meet the standards for the eld of study concerned, and obtain the certication of exemption from written examinations in advance are exempted from the written examinations (examinations in basic science and technology subjects).Graduate ProgramResearch and Career■Features of the Graduate School of Science and Technology■■ 35

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