A Guide for High School Students 2020-2021

Faculty of Science and TechnologyMessage to High School StudentsResearch and CareerWhen I was in the first year of high school, I aspired to study the humanities in university. However, when I was in the third year of high school, I decided to be a science major because I did not want to give up studying mathematics, physics, or chemistry at that point in time. I have been fascinated by electrical circuits and chemistry experiments since I was in elementary school, so I figured that I must have fundamental knowledge of those subjects. I wanted to explore a landscape that loomed ahead a little bit more. I found out that some landscapes were visible whereas others not when I explored them, though. Even though today’s science and technology has taken a quantum leap compared to several decades ago, there are still so many things that we don't understand in reality. The fact that I am able to verify an idea of my own through the process of repeated trial and error in my experiments is what I love about science and engineering. If the results are unsuccessful, I re-think what kind of experiment I should carry out tomorrow. I can try out an idea today that I thought of last night. In the case of chemistry, it doesn’t take much time to arrive at satisfactory result, which suits my personality.Let me give you a piece of realistic advice. If you wish to major in science and engineering in university, I recommend that you study math and science subjects comprehensively regardless of what your high school teachers might say. You will be able to pass the entrance examinations of science and technology universities by focusing only on one required science subject, which would certainly be easier for you. However, by doing so, quite a few students end up struggling with math and science subjects that they are required to take in their freshman and sophomore years. 1. Why I decided, in high school, to go on to a science and   engineering university2. Good points and fun of science and engineering courses3. Things you should do now (in high school)When I was in elementary school, I looked forward to every issue of “Gakken to Kagaku” magazine. As an example of independent research work during the summer vacation, I conducted a drop experiment because of my keen interest in science. When I was in junior high school, I was absorbed in mathematics and read a great many books on mathematics and mathematicians. In senior high school, I found physics and chemistry interesting and thought that it would be great if I can get a job in those elds. After I started learning senior high school mathematics, I became able to understand little by little the principles of calculation performed on a computer that a relative of mine taught me when I was in junior high school. is in part prompted me to think about choosing science and engineering at the university. e other major reason was that knowing precisely whether I was able to solve a math or physics problem gave me a deep sense of satisfaction. The biggest fun is being able to expose yourself to cutting-edge research. My research involves creating devices that do not exist in the world. The university provides an environment where you can give shape to an original idea using your own hands. When you engage in research like this, the target of communication naturally expands to researchers overseas and your research as well as your network becomes international, which is a real thrill, isn’t it?Like mathematically proven propositions or reproducible phenomena in experiments, there are numerous things whose correctness remains steadfast in science and engineering disciplines. I believe one of the features of science and engineering courses is that those courses open up vast possibilities for students and young researchers to become involved in the discovery of such things. I believe that only those who work extra hard would not let opportunities slip away and achieve something. You tend to think that “you can go all out when it comes down to it,” but without any experience of taking up a challenge seriously, you won’t be able to give it your all easily. I want you to value the experience of being absolutely serious about something when you are young. To pass the university’s entrance exams, I won’t deny that you have to learn formulas and other things by rote, but I want you to acquire the habit of knowing the underlying principles. In recent years, vast amounts of information have become easily accessible on the Internet, but don’t accept them without question, thinking that the information can’t be wrong, or don’t be prejudiced. It is important to make a habit of nding out and thinking on your own to determine if the information is correct or not. 1. Why I decided, in high school, to go on to a science and   engineering university1. Why I decided, in high school, to go on to a science and   engineering university2. Good points and fun of science and engineering courses2. Good points and fun of science and engineering courses3. Things you should do now (in high school)3. Things you should do now (in high school)Professor Noriyuki SuzukiChairperson of Department of Materials and Life Sciences, Faculty of Science and TechnologyProfessor Tomoharu ShibuyaChairperson, Department of Information and Communication SciencesProfessor Kazuhiko ShimomuraChairperson, Department of Engineering and Applied Sciences 31

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