A Guide for High School Students 2020-2021

Message to High School StudentsResearch and CareerFor those who read this guide, I ask, “what lies beyond your line of sight?” I’d like to ask you about your motives as well, such as the reason why you chose a science and technology course instead of a humanities course, or a science course over an engineering course, or why you are interested in Sophia University. Presumably, the circumstances each one of you face at the moment vary considerably.Meanwhile, what do we, who will welcome you, expect of you? e answer is that we expect you to have the energy to identify the current state of modern society accurately and foster innovations in the way of learning per se at the university. We have to nurture social development through the power of science creatively in a society that is changing rapidly and inevitably due in part to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. To do so, you need to equip yourselves with both fundamental skills to apply what you have learned, coming up with ideas and developing them, and high-level expertise in a well-balanced manner. All the students in Sophia’s Faculty of Science and Technology are required to learn the foundations of both science and technology before taking the required subjects to acquire sophisticated expertise. Further, in the Yotsuya campus in Tokyo where the faculties of humanities get together, approaches to various challenges facing modern society and the global community from a wide range of areas are available for easy access. An environment is aorded to nurture innovators in a new era, who can contribute to society and other areas from the perspectives of science, engineering, or both while improving their expertise and developing their individual knowledge. Sophia University expects you to learn innovatively as it works boldly toward providing an environment that responds to your challenges. Let Us Innovate the Way of Learning Professor Yoshiaki TerumichiThe 16th President of Sophia University Department of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Faculty of Science and Technology As senior high school physics class was very clear, easy to understand, and extremely interesting, I wanted to learn physics further at university, which is why I decided to enroll in a science and engineering university. Now that I am in a position to conduct classes at Sophia University, I am trying my best to make my classes just as interesting for students so that they may be motivated to go on to graduate school for further studies.You may think that you will have a hard time because of the large number of experiments or practicums in science and engineering courses, but as you perform experiments and exercises, you will acquire the ability to think or process things logically, which I believe is one of the advantages of science and engineering courses. In graduation research work, which can safely be referred to as the culmination of what you have done for four years as an undergraduate, I assume that you will be able to engage in cutting-edge research, which would give you a sense of accomplishment or fulllment as you play a role in state-of-the-art research. Oftentimes, you may be frustrated by the fact that the present study for university entrance exams seems to be of no use, but whatever path you take, your future will heavily hinge on whether you have established a methodology for learning steadily or not. I believe it is important to acquire the habit of learning. Having said so, however, it is grueling to continue studying something that is seemingly dry and tasteless. If you take an interest, however, you may be able to enjoy it a little bit more. It would be great if you could identify a science and engineering subject that interests you.1. Why I decided, in high school, to go on to a science and   engineering university2. Good points and fun of science and engineering courses3. Things you should do now (in high school)Professor Hideki KuwaharaChairperson, Graduate School of Science and TechnologyDepartment of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Faculty of Science and Technology30

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