A Guide for High School Students 2020-2021

Faculty of Science and TechnologyFacilities and Support■Support for Women Researcherse “Oce for the Promotion of Gender Equality” inaugurated in January 2012 was renamed the Oce for the Promotion of Diversity (OPD) in April 2017. e OPD provides support to women researchers who can play a role globally along with the FST. Support primarily includes scholarships and organizing symposiums, lectures, and events targeting high school students.This award was established in 2012 upon the completion of the women researchers support model development project with the aim of extending support to female students in the FST who show promise on the international stage. In fiscal year 2019, the award was granted to eight female students and partial financial support was provided for their presentations at international academic meetings and others. The photograph on the right shows Ms. Nozomi Tomioka (a graduate of the Doctoral Program in Chemistry, Graduate School of Science and Technology), one of the eight awardees, who made a presentation and was having a discussion with local and international experts at the 43rd International Conference on Coordination Chemistry.  ■ The Women Researchers Global   Encouragement AwardSophia University has established a global network with approximately 370 partner universities in 76 countries/regions with which it has entered into student or academic exchange agreements. Not only students but also researchers actively promote international exchanges. Such activities are supported by the global mentor system in which researchers active on the international stage act as mentors and provide advice or academic guidance through individual consultations, lectures or exchange meetings. Ms. Hui Chung Ting Justine (a third-year student of the Doctoral Program in Green Science and Engineering Division, Graduate School of Science and Technology) earned her degree after receiving guidance from her global mentor, Professor Chin-Tuan Tan, of The University of Texas, on September 20, 2019.  ■ The Global Mentor SystemAt the 2018 open campus, female teaching staff of the FST organized a science experiment class. ・“Let’s observe sea horses!” Mari Kawaguchi, Associate Professor, Department of Materials and Life SciencesWe explored the world of sea horses, in which male has a brood pouch for raising young, colored the sliced sections, and compared them with two other types of fish to identify morphological differences. ■ Science Experiment Class for Future Sophians Faculty of Science and Technology 29

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