A Guide for High School Students 2020-2021

Measurement support by technical staMeasurement system for mass spectrometryLectures are given to students engaged in research so that they can operate analytical instruments by themselves. Each lecture is attended by many students who aim to obtain licenses for measurement.Students actually use analytical instruments to analyze materials they synthesize for the rst time. Knowing whether the synthesis is successful or not is an exciting moment. Students examine the results of analysis and the technical sta give advice on how to proceed with the next measurement and other matters. ■ Lectures on measurement ■ Measurement support Analytical instruments are inspected daily to ensure safe and accurate measurement. ■ Management of  Analytical instruments■Facilities and Support Unique to the Faculty of   Science and TechnologyThis section introduces facilities and support unique to the Faculty of Science and Technology.Facilities and Support Faculty of Science and Technologye Techno Center is mainly responsible for designing/fabricating and repairing research/experimental equipment for Faculty of Science and Technology laboratories, providing guidance in experiments and practical training, and supporting students in designing/drawing courses. As a facility unique to Sophia University, the Techno Center was rst established as a “machine factory” at the same time that the Faculty of Science and Technology was founded, but has developed vastly that today, it can not only process machinery but also design new equipment and systems. With its 40-plus pieces of state-of-the-art equipment, including machine tools for numerical control, most of the research/experimental equipment used in the University can be fabricated independently in-house, enabling the development of cutting-edge research equipment while improving specications to the satisfaction of students and faculty members who order the fabrication. In addition, technical personnel with a high level of expertise and excellent skills in machining and design technologies extend enthusiastic support to students in terms of education and research.■ Techno CenterWhen it comes to mathematics, the Mathematics Library houses a wide array of materials ranging from those in science and engineering and programming to theories on insurance, nance, or management engineering. Not only exercise drills or reading materials for novices but also highly technical works on mathematics are available; it boasts one of the largest numbers of books as a mathematics library among Japanese private universities. In recent years, it has focused on collecting materials in electronic format as well. e return date is set according to the period of classes for students in the Faculty of Science and Technology and students can borrow books for a period of up to six months. ■ Mathematics LibraryIn the field of chemistry, a wide array of analytical instruments are available for students to investigate various properties of materials. All instruments are managed by the technical staff who have specialized knowledge and respond to students’ requests for measurement and advice thereon. This system enables students to work with the technical staff when they try to perform high-level analysis. Because it is frequented by many students, the analytical room always generates a lively atmosphere.■ Support from chemistry technical staffAs of March 31, 2020, the materials housed in the library include approximately 32,000 books, 90 magazine titles (including electronic journals and six Japanese titles) to which the library subscribes continuously, and 20,000 bound magazines (including 600 Japanese ones). Books and magazines can be searched on- and o-campus using the OPAC system.28

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