A Guide for High School Students 2020-2021

An all-English program oered by the Department of Materials and Life SciencesAn all-English program oered by the Department of Engineering and Applied Sciencese Green Science Program aims to develop individuals who can address global environmental issues based on their understanding of materials and life at the atomic and molecular levels.e Green Engineering Program aims to cultivate individuals who can address global environmental issues by making full use of interdisciplinary knowledge in physics and electrical/electronics and mechanical engineering.■Green Engineering Program■Green Science Program■Message from Teaching StaffFaculty of Science and TechnologyPrograms in EnglishLearning of Science and TechnologyThe Green Science Program is a combination of three fundamental fields of the sciences: biology, chemistry, and physics. After joining the program, new students learn the fundamentals of these three fields. Then, sophomore students are challenged to learn applications and advanced topics in which the fundamental sciences blend into fields of their own. Ultimately senior students join a research laboratory where their accumulated knowledge is applied to a specific topic of research. The objective of the Program is to provide the students the skills needed to finding solutions to complex scientific and environmental problems, through the acquisition of not only advanced knowledge and skills in various areas of expertise, but also in interdisciplinary perspectives.You may ask: Why do I need to learn that? Is mathematics really useful? Well, this is my answer. Today, as we are not living in the jungle anymore, the strongest person is not necessarily the most valued person in the society. Now is the age of information. What is valued is the capacity to learn, find, and use information efficiently. Doing math is exactly doing that; you exercise your mind to become smart and be able to learn new topics. Thus, it is your choice whether to pursue studies in mathematics or not. You may discover that math is used in the GPS of your smartphone or whenever you use your bank card through cryptography. You also may be able to use your reasoning ability in another field. Come study with us!In the Green Engineering Program students have a chance to learn cutting edge technologies with sustainability in their minds. Creating more efficient but also environmental-friendly engineering solutions is a modern goal all over the world and Sophia University is one on the leaders in this trend. Hypersonic flows, detonation propulsion systems or zero-carbon engines may sound futuristic and complicated but this is exactly what you are going to find here. However, it is not only the unique program that our university has to offer but also a strong connection with many institutions abroad. You may find yourself, for instance, studying aircraft propulsions overseas at an intensive summer course. Different cultures, languages, religions, points of view all come together establishing exceptionality of Sophia University.Sebastian Danielache Associate Professor (Class advisor of Green Science)Fabien TrihanAssociate Professor (in charge of Mathematics)Edyta Dzieminska Associate Professor (Class advisor of Green Engineering)* For information on the programs in English, please refer to a separate guide to the programs. 25

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