A Guide for High School Students 2020-2021

13241324Faculty of Science and Technology1 : Students acquire practical knowledge through simulations using PCs and experiments using measurement hardware.  2 : Some subjects actively incorporate programming.3 : Each student diligently works on an issue. 4 : Two teaching assistants (TAs) are in charge of each subject and give instructions to each student.1 : “Mathematics AI” is a basic course in science and engineering. Students will work on many exercises to deepen their understanding. 2 : In the lecture, the meaning and signicance of theorems are carefully explained focusing on the resulting theory, in addition to their proof and application. 3 : Class in session. 4 : Understanding will expand knowledge and the expanded knowledge will further deepen understanding.■Examples of classesStudents will perform experiments on the fundamentals of operational ampliers and lters, the fundamentals of digital communication, digital signal processing, and electronic measurement and control, focusing on information and communication engineering. e purpose is to deepen understanding of information and communication technologies and of related lectures and classes.Information and Communication Sciences Lab.Ⅱ (Compulsory Course in the Department of Information and Communication Sciences)Department of Information and Communication SciencesLearning of Science and TechnologyLinear mapping and linearity are concepts that are used in various ways, not only in mathematics but in all elds of science and engineering as well. In “Mathematics AI,” as the rst step, the goal is to learn the basic properties and computational power of the matrix introduced for the description of linear mapping and to apply it to specialized subjects.Mathematics AⅠ (Compulsory Course of Department of Information and Communication Sciences) 23

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