A Guide for High School Students 2020-2021

CurriculumFostering an in-depth understanding of human and society through “information”■:Compulsory Course ■:Compulsory Elective Course ■:Elective Course ■:Optional CourseFaculty of Science and Technology General Subject Courses, etc.Department of Information and Communication SciencesLearning of Science and TechnologyThe original website of the Department of Information and Communication Scienceswww.ics.sophia.ac.jp/What is the Department of Information and Communication Sciences?In this department, students learn about “information,” which is necessary for the systematic organization and eective use of knowledge. e department aims to nurture individuals who give importance to interdisciplinary perspectives in collaboration with the humanities and social sciences, with natural science as the foundation. It also seeks to nurture individuals who have the ability to deeply understand humanity and society through information, organize knowledge/wisdom/experience possessed by humanity and society as visible information so that it can be accumulated, combine such information organically, and return it to humanity and society. Students study various elds of expertise with “Human Information Science,” “Communication,” “Social Information Science,” and “Mathematics” as key themes.is section introduces the curriculum of the Department of Information and Communication Sciences and classes for specialized courses.Study basic subjects common to all departments and acquire basic knowledgeStudy basic subjects as well as information and communication sciences, conduct experiments and exercises in various fieldsGive priority to studying interesting disciplines based on four key themesConduct graduation research as a culmination of what was studied for four yearsFirst yearSecond yearThird yearFourth yearGeneral Studies and LanguageExperiments & Exercises● Outline of Science & Technology ● Basic Chemistry ● Basic Biology ● Basic Physics ● Basic Informatics ● Information and Communication Sciences  (Computer Architecture) ● Mathematics● Exercises in Informatics ● Information and Communication Sciences Lab.● Mathematics A2 (Linear Algebra) ● Mathematics B2 (Multivariable Calculus) ● Basic Differential Equations ● Electric Circuits ● Mathematics C1 (Statistical Data Analysis) ● Fundamentals of Information and Communication Engineering ● Complex Analysis ● Introduction to Informational Bioscience ● Numerical Analysis ● Digital Circuits ● Operations Research ● Electronic Circuit ● Electromagnetic Measurement ● Fourier & Laplace Transforms ● Data Structures & Algorisms ● Database ● Programming Language ● Digital Signal Processing● Experiments & Exercises of Basic  Science ● Fundamentals of Programming ● Information and Communication Sciences  (Computer Software)● Information and Communication Sciences  (Information Theory)● Informatics Exercises ● Exercises of Mathematical Sciences● Information and Communication Sciences Lab.● English for Science/Engineering● English for Science/Engineering● Seminar● Graduation ResearchKey ThemesHuman InformationScienceInformation CommunicationSocial InformationMathematical Information● Information and Communication Engineering ● Basics of Electromagnetic Wave Propagation ● Electron Devices ● Fundamental Theory of Signals ● Communication Network System ● Human Communication ● Remote Sensing Signal Processing● Measurement and Control Engineering ● Computing Architecture● Sensory Information Processing ● Speech and Acoustic Engineering ● Image Processing Technology ● Learning, Memory and Cognition ● Neural Networks ● Educational Informatics ● Welfare & Information ● Brain Science ● Pharmacology of Neural Signalling ● Cellular Neuroscience ● Medical Engineering ● Introduction to Linguistic Informatics ● Experimental Psychology● Information Systems Engineering ● Simulation Engineering ● Introduction to Artificial Intelligence ● Business Data Analysis ● Production Engineering ● Logistic Engineering ● Media & Information ● Management Information Science ● Socio-informatics ● Media-related Engineering ● Logistics Industry● Basic Mathematical Finance ● Algebra (Rings & Modules) ● Algebra (Galois Theory) ● Geometry (Manifolds) ● Geometry (Topological Invariants) ● Measure Theory● Ordinary Differential Equations ● Mathematics of Computation ● Discrete Mathematics ● Mathematical Theory of Cryptography/Codes and Information Security ● Multivariate Analysis22

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