A Guide for High School Students 2020-2021

13241324Faculty of Science and TechnologyDepartment of Engineering and Applied SciencesLearning of Science and Technology■Examples of classes1: Students learn the principles and methods of the physics experiment called nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) using nuclei in a material from a basic level. 2 : Students learn how to use such devices as oscilloscopes and signal generators. 3 : Experiments begin with students making manual adjustments. 4: NMR experiments are closely related to MRI used in hospitals. Students can learn many dierent things through discussions.1 : Students observe precision machining by a lathe at the Techno Center. 2 : With an NC lathe, a specimen for roughness measurement is automatically machined. 3 : Students can listen to explanations directly from technical sta who is a First Grade Certied Skilled Worker of Machining. 4 : Parts made by precision machining in micrometer scale.Students will learn quantum mechanics and statistical mechanics necessary for understanding the properties and functions of electrons in materials by performing experiments on various subjects using their own hands. In the NMR experiments shown in the photographs, the induced electromotive force generated by the rotation of nuclei in a small solenoid is directly observed with an oscilloscope.Students will learn the basic principles, conguration methods, and data measurement and processing methods for equipment and systems closely related to major research subjects and research techniques of the Department of Engineering and Applied Sciences, by making practical use of actual equipment and facilities. Specic experimental subjects include electric circuits (DC and AC), optical bers, light-emitting diodes, analysis of vibration phenomena, uid dynamics, precision measurement, feedback control, metallic materials, computers, spectroscopic experiments, automatic measurement, nuclear magnetic resonance, etc.Engineering and Applied Sciences Experiments & ExercisesⅡ-1 (Compulsory Elective Course of Department of Engineering and Applied Sciences)Engineering and Applied Sciences Experiments & ExercisesⅡ-2(Compulsory Elective Course of Department of Engineering and Applied Sciences) 21

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