A Guide for High School Students 2020-2021

FST General SubjectsMathematics for Natural ScienceFST General Subject Group 2 (Elective Courses for the second year)is section introduces courses common to the three departments in the Faculty of Science and Technology.Logical thinking is most important in learning natural science. It cannot be acquired only by memorizing formulas or events. It is important to acquire the ability to understand the essence of things, then mathematics is the basic tools to learn physics, chemistry, and biology. Even for such well-understood basic concepts as time, space, force, pressure, heat, and temperature, which are encountered in daily life, their experimental backgrounds should be clarified and their relationships with basic laws should be re-examined. Through practical exercises and using specific examples, students will learn the importance of mathematics, such as linear algebra and differential equations that they have already learned, in understanding concepts in physics and chemistry. This class corresponds to item 1 of the curriculum policy of the Faculty of Science and Technology.Major Flow of ClassesClass Schedule1Guidance and basic knowledge: Describing natural phenomena by using functions 2Vector and matrix: Expressing protein three-dimensional structure by using vectors3Determinant: Solving simultaneous linear equations 4 Eigenvalues and diagonalization of the matrix:   e most important tool in quantum mechanics5Coordinate transformation and tensor: Rotation of an object6Dierential equation 1: Current owing through circuit, energy of matter7Midterm examination 8Dierential equation 2: Falling of a skydiver9Dierential equation 3: Molecular vibration⓾Dierentiation of vectors and coordinate systems:   Translational, vibrational and rotational motions of molecules⓫Vector elds and vector operators: Application to electromagnetism ⓬Partial dierential equation: Wave equation ⓭Partial dierential equation: Heat conduction equation⓮Fourier series and Fourier integral: Periodic functionLearning of Science and Technology12

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