A Guide for High School Students 2020-2021

Analog Electronic Circuits· Department of Materials and Life Sciences: FST General Subjects (Elective Courses)· Department of Engineering and Applied Sciences: FST General Subjects (Compulsory/Compulsory Elective Courses)· Department of Information and Communication Sciences: FST General Subjects (Elective Courses)Recommended year (second and third years)is section introduces courses common to the three departments in the Faculty of Science and Technology.In analog electronic circuits, active elements (semiconductor devices, such as diodes and transistors) are added to electric circuits consisting of passive elements (resistors, coils, and capacitors) and a power supply. Electronic circuits can realize various functions, including rectification, amplification, oscillation, modulation, calculation and operation, and control of electric signals. They constitute the basic technology of modern society used for various products, such as home appliances, personal computers, automobiles, and robots. The lecture will start with the foundation of electric circuits for the purpose of understanding basic electronic circuits using transistors. Students will learn the basics of electronic circuits, such as the basic characteristics of diodes and transistors as well as corresponding circuits, nonlinear circuit analysis, small-signal equivalent circuits, operational amplifiers and their application to circuits, etc. In every lecture, students are given elementary exercises for the purpose of deepening as well as measuring their level of understanding.FST General SubjectsMajor Flow of ClassesClass Schedule1Basics of electric circuits2Basics of diodes3Diode circuits4 Analysis of nonlinear circuits 1 (Graph analysis)5Analysis of nonlinear circuits 2 (Small-signal analysis)6Basics of transistors (Bipolar transistor)7Outline of transistor bias circuits8Basic transistor bias circuits9Parameter analysis of four-terminal networks⓾Field effect transistors⓫Transistor small-signal equivalent circuits (h-parameter equivalent circuits)⓬Analysis of small-signal equivalent circuits⓭Operational amplifiers (Op Amp)⓮Operational amplifiers (Op Amp) and circuitsLearning of Science and Technology10

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