A Guide for High School Students 2020-2021

Outline of Science & Technology,Experiments & Exercises of Basic Science❶ FST General Subject Group 1English for Science/Engineering❶ Faculty of Science and Technology (FST)  General Subject Group 1  (Compulsory/Compulsory Elective Courses)❷ Faculty of Science and Technology (FST)  General Subject Group 2  (Compulsory Elective/Elective Courses)❸ Department Core Courses  (Compulsory/Compulsory Elective Courses)❹ Department Specialized Courses  (Choice based on key theme)In General Subject Group 1, students receive intensive education in basic science and technology—mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, and informatics—to ensure that the academic performance of all students reaches a certain level. At the same time, students learn the basic skills necessary for experiments and exercises in physics, chemistry, and biology. In addition, the English for Science/Engineering course and the Outline of Science and Technology course allow students to refine their language skills and acquire knowledge so that, as researchers and engineers, they can play an active role at the frontiers of science and technology in the future.Some 70 common Science and Technology courses are offered to students so that they can acquire introductory knowledge in a wide range of fields. Students can decide their field of specialization as they broaden their interest in diverse fields by studying 14 to 17 courses or more from the autumn semester of the first year to the third year. They can refine their interests for and knowledge of science and technology in general by looking into various fields of specialization.Compulsory courses are offered by each department from the first year to the third year to give students an overview of each department’s field of study. Students also acquire techniques required for research and development through experiments and exercises unique to each department. Based on the experience they gain, students conduct graduation research (see page on the right) in the field of their choice under their thesis advisor in the fourth year. Third-year students choose from among the key themes and fields of each department. The key themes provide guidelines for specialized studies. By acquiring high-level interdisciplinary knowledge in various fields of study according to the chosen key themes, students finally decide their field of study and at the same time gain a wide range of knowledge in related fields. Students can then take delight in applying the interdisciplinary knowledge acquired in the related fields to their graduation research topic in the fourth year.Within the exible curriculum, students can study in an unconstrained manner and discover new topics for subsequent research.They can forge ahead smoothly with basic studies, leading into specialization. e Faculty’s rationally designed curriculum seeks to equip specialists with interdisciplinary knowledge, enabling future leadership.1st year 2nd year General StudiesLanguageOptional CourseIntroduction to the Department Experiments & Exercises❷FST General Subject Group 2❸Department Core  CoursesCurriculumLearning in the Faculty of Science and Technology08

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